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Medal for Prof. A. Dworak

50 years of polymer testing at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – medal for Prof. Andrzej Dworak

The Institute of Polymers of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences celebrated the 50th anniversary of conducting tests on polymers.
During a formal session in Sofia, the Institute received congratulations from the President of Bulgaria and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament, while the Minister of Science, the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and its Scientific Secretary, as well as members of the world of science stressed the merits and achievements of the facility during the regular session.

The Institute of Polymers of BAS and the Center have been cooperating closely for several dozen years. As a sign of appreciation for joint achievements, the current Director of the Institute, Prof. Kolio Troev, and the Director of the Center, Prof. Andrzej Dworak, Dr habil., were presented with medals for “Distinguished Services for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences” by unanimous decision of the Executive Council of the Bulgarian Academy.

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