The Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials of the Polish Academy of Sciences earned honourable mention in the 7th edition of the "EUREKA!  DGP - Discovering Polish Inventions" competition for the invention of "Non-woven wound dressing and method for producing the non-woven wound dressing". The invention was developed by the teams from the Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials of Polish Academy of Sciences and Silesian Medical University in Katowice.

The invention concerns a nano-nonwoven dressing obtained with the use of electrospinning designed to treat slow-healing wounds. Its innovativeness consists in the maximum acceleration of regeneration of damaged tissues as well as the reduction of complications and formation of scars. The dressing is biocompatible and biodegradable. It is absorbed during the treatment process by releasing propolis, an active ingredient and therapeutic agent with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative properties. The dressing degradation time can be modified by altering its composition, microstructure and thickness, thus making it adjustable to the wound type.

The competition was organised by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. It was participated by research institutes and scientific units of the Polish Academy of Sciences which presented the inventions filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in the years 2017-2018.

The aim of this year's competition was to present the inventions which have practical applications and can be used in production.


The Centre has been honoured with the title of MARKET LEADER OF INNOVATION 2020 - Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness. The title was awarded by the Awards Committee of "Strefa Gospodarki" - a Polish nationwide supplement to "Gazeta Prawna".

“Market Leader of Innovation - Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness” is a Polish nationwide promotional programme addressed to enterprises, institutions, scientific units and organizations which operate in Poland and successfully carry out innovative projects related to, among other things, production, research and development, modern technologies, as well as implementation and use of information and communication technologies.

The Programme disseminates and promotes positive patterns, implementation methods and strategies for activities in the field of broadly understood innovation as well as the strategies for pro-quality activities as part of dynamic enterprise development. The Programme has been in operation since 2001 and it is open to the participation of natural and legal persons who meet the conditions laid down in the regulations.

The basic criteria for selecting the winners include: execution of innovative investments, implementation of innovative products or services on the Polish market or minimisation of adverse environmental impact of the company's business activity and products.


November is the month of modern packaging and weighing technology.
Sustainable industry in the packaging industry, bioplastics and biocomposites as an alternative to conventional plastics and digitization of processes in the packaging sector - these was the main topics that was be addressed during the last edition of the Expopacking Fair and Packaging Technology. In the same time, the WAGexpo Weighing and Dosing Salon was be held, which was be accompanied by a conference related to legal regulations on conformity assessment systems.


On September 13, 2019, the Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials of the Polish Academy of Sciences participated in the "15th Science Day". This year's Science Day was organized in 12C Park at ul. Sienkiewicza 43, and the organizers were the city of Zabrze and „Queen Louise” Adit of Museum of Coal Mining in Zabrze. During the outdoor event, at which 44 exhibitors, schools, universities, scientific institutes and cultural institutions presented their offers and accomplishments. This year's Science Day was combined with access to the Military Technology Park and visiting the „Queen Louise” Adit.


On 08.06.2019, CMPW PAN employees attended in a regular charity picnic organized by Marco, a Gliwice-based company. The goal of the picnic was to raise funds for the "Tęcza" Occupational Therapy Workshops organized by the Różyczka Foundation in Gliwice.


We are pleased to inform that M.Sc. Eng. Klaudia Nocoń, a PhD student at the Laboratory of Polycondensation Materials Engineering, the Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials (CMPW) of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), won the first prize in the competition "The Best Oral Presentation" organised during the 6th "International Scientific Conference on Pervaporation, Vapor Permeation, Gas Separation, and Membrane Distillation". Title of the presentation: "Gas Transport Properties of Thermally Rearranged Co-Polyimide Membranes". The conference was held in Toruń on 14-17 May 2019.


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In short

The Center belongs to category A of scientific facilities in Poland. It was established on January 1, 2007 as a result of a merger of the Center of Polymer Chemistry of PAN in Zabrze and the Institute of Carbochemistry of PAN in Gliwice – two centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences which, for many years, had been conducting systematic work on the production and properties of macromolecular polymer and carbon materials.

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