On September 16, 2011 the Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials of PAN participated in the 7th edition of the “Science Day” in the Poległych Bohaterów Park in Zabrze.

The main goal of the event was to promote science we come across every day in an unconventional, accessible and interesting way.

Similar to past years, the “Science Day” was addressed mainly at students of primary, middle and secondary schools, although other residents of Zabrze and its surroundings, interested in an unconventional presentation of scientific, technical and cultural topics, also found many attractions among the 40 exhibitors. The event was organized by: the Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development, the City Hall and the Center for Practical Training in Zabrze.


On February 17 (Thursday), 2011 the 94th SESSION OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE PAN BRANCH IN KATOWICE took place in the Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials of PAN in Zabrze


50 years of polymer testing at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – medal for Prof. Andrzej Dworak

The Institute of Polymers of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences celebrated the 50th anniversary of conducting tests on polymers.
During a formal session in Sofia, the Institute received congratulations from the President of Bulgaria and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament, while the Minister of Science, the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and its Scientific Secretary, as well as members of the world of science stressed the merits and achievements of the facility during the regular session.


As a result of the parametric evaluation for 2005 – 2009, CMPW PAN was awarded category A. The Center was classified at 9th place among 43 evaluated facilities in the G1/N12 group.



The reporting session at the Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials of PAN took place on March 8, 2010. During the session, information was presented in the form of posters regarding research work carried out at the Center in 2009.

Chairman of Division 3: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Prof. Janusz Jurczak, funded three joint prizes for doctoral students for the best works presented during the reporting session.


On September 17, 2010 the Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials took part in the national “7th Science Day”.

The purpose of the event was to propagate as widely as possible the activity of scientific and research, educational and training institutions as well as companies, clubs and associations not only from Zabrze, but also from the entire region. The Science Day promotes the most important scientific and technical achievements among city residents, especially school-aged youth. Using interactive, accessible and unconventional methods it encourages people to take a closer look at fields which at a first glance may be perceived as difficult, unknown and sometimes even seemingly boring.


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In short

The Center belongs to category A of scientific facilities in Poland. It was established on January 1, 2007 as a result of a merger of the Center of Polymer Chemistry of PAN in Zabrze and the Institute of Carbochemistry of PAN in Gliwice – two centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences which, for many years, had been conducting systematic work on the production and properties of macromolecular polymer and carbon materials.