Poster Evaluation Committee selected 3 best posters in the following categories:


For the best work in the field of advanced techniques of synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials:

Aneta Medaj, Joanna Odrobińska-Baliś, Klaudia Minor, Aleksandra Kmak, Szczepan Zapotoczny

“Polymer nanocapsules templated on liquid cores as a model photoreactors”

Aneta Medaj

For the best interdisciplinary work in the framework of cooperation between scientific institutions:

Erik Dimitrov, Natalia Toncheva-Moncheva, Pavel Bakardzhiev, Aleksander Forys, Jordan Doumanov, Kirilka Mladenova, Svetla Petrova, Barbara Trzebicka, Stanislav Rangelov

 “Nucleolipid Vesicles: Supramolecular Structures Resembling Spherical Nucleic Acids”

Erik Dimitrov

For the best work within the field of advanced polymeric biomaterials:

Mattia Parati, Ibrahim Khalil, Fideline Tchuenbou-Magaia, Iza Radecka

 “Algal and yeast waste fraction valorisation for the biosynthesis of poly(γ-glutamic acid), a versatile biomaterial”.

Mattia Parati

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Address and contact details

Our Address:
ul. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 34
41-819 Zabrze
Tel. +48 32 271-60-77
Fax +48 32 271-29-69
Rzecznik prasowy:
Prof. dr hab. Grażyna Adamus, tel. +48 32 271-60-77 w. 226

Inspektor Ochrony Danych:
mgr Paulina Gąsior, tel. +48 32 271-60-77 w. 236
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In short

The Center belongs to category A of scientific facilities in Poland. It was established on January 1, 2007 as a result of a merger of the Center of Polymer Chemistry of PAN in Zabrze and the Institute of Carbochemistry of PAN in Gliwice – two centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences which, for many years, had been conducting systematic work on the production and properties of macromolecular polymer and carbon materials.

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