• UV-Vis NIR Spectrophotometer JASCO V-570, with the reflectance arrangement, and a special high temperature-controlled equipment, and the  integrating sphere (JASCO)
  • Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy for the measurement of particle size distribution (Matec Applied Sciences)
  • Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI) (Prosolia)
  • Spectrofluorimeter (Agilent Technologies)
  • Hand Portable FT-IR Spectrometer (Jasco Harrick)
  • Confocal Raman Microscopy (WITec)
  • Electrospinning Machine for bio-medical application (NEU-BM)
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometer SE 850E (Sentech)
  • Zetasizer NANO ZS (Malvern)
  • Spectrometer FT-IR, FTS-40A (BIO-RAD)
  • Spectrometer FT-IR ATR, Nicolet 6700 (Thermo Scientific)
  • Elemental Analyzer, VARIO EL II (Elementar)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers DMA 2980 (TA Instruments)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 2010 (TA Instruments)
  • Dielectric Analyser DEA 2970 (TA Instruments)
  • NMR Spectrometer Avance II 600 MHz Ultrashield Plus (Bruker)
  • NMR Spectrometer Unity Inova 300 MHz (Varian)
  • HPLC, LaChrom Elite (Merck)
  • HPLC, 1260 Infinity, Agilent Technologies
  • Mass Spectrometer LC-MSn, LCMS-IT-TOF (Shimadzu)
  • Mass Spectrometer LCQ (Finnigan MAT)
  • Mass Spectrometer LC-MS, LCQ Fleet (Thermo)
  • GPC using UV, Spectra-Physics; Shodex RI VE3580, 270 Dual Detector Array (Viscotek)
  • Respirometr Micro-Oxymax, S/N 110315 (Columbus Instruments)
  • Materials Testing Machine 4204, Instron
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA/DSC1 (Mettler-Toledo)
  • Goniometer CAM101 (KSV Instruments)
  • Goniometer Brookhaven BI-200 with PCI BI-9000AT (Brookhaven Instruments)
  • GPC using detectors: refractometer, MALLS; Dn 2010 Dr. Bures, MALLS DAWN HELEOS, pump AGILENT 1200 (Wyatt)
  • GPC using detectors: refractometer, UV-Vis i MALLS, SEC-3010 WGE Dr. Bures, detector UV-Vis Agilent 1260, detector Wyatt MALLS DAWN HELEOS
  • GPC using detectors: refractometer, viscometer, MALLS, Dn 2010 Dr. Bures, ETA 2010 Dr. Bures, detektor MALLS DAWN EOS, pump AGILENT 1200 (Wyatt)
  • AFM MultiMode z NanoScope IIId, skaner 10 µm, Veeco (BRUKER)
  • AFM Dimension ICON NanoScope IIId, skaner 85 µm, BRUKER
  • SEM Quanta 250 FEG (FEI Company)
  • TEM TECNAI F20 TWIN Cryo (FEI Company)
  • Mini Injection Moulding System MiniLab II z MiniJet II (Haake/Thermo Scientific)


Address and contact details

Our Address:
ul. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 34
41-819 Zabrze
Tel. +48 32 271-60-77
Fax +48 32 271-29-69
Rzecznik prasowy:
Prof. dr hab. Grażyna Adamus, tel. +48 32 271-60-77 w. 226

Inspektor Ochrony Danych:
mgr Paulina Gąsior, tel. +48 32 271-60-77 w. 236
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In short

The Center belongs to category A of scientific facilities in Poland. It was established on January 1, 2007 as a result of a merger of the Center of Polymer Chemistry of PAN in Zabrze and the Institute of Carbochemistry of PAN in Gliwice – two centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences which, for many years, had been conducting systematic work on the production and properties of macromolecular polymer and carbon materials.